Our advantages

CaramelAds is a global advertising network leading on the market for years of its performance. It is the leader among the representatives of the mobile advertising product. Our main partners are large publishers, developers of premium advertising. By booking ad campaign from us you will receive turnkey services starting with planning, developing and ending with traffic control, accounting for the profitability of the money spent.

The main advantage of CaramelAds is the presence of the SDK security code. It provides monetization of any number of old applications of promotional products without blocking the resource. It has long been a secret that skilled developers will easily gain additional profits from newly released applications located on the Play Market, instantly distributing them around the world. We cannot guarantee protection against this but we will help you quickly monetize any number of applications made for each customer, publisher, or advertiser and get high eCPM. The staff is filled with highly professional technicians who can easily cope with any task in a short period of time. To be able to rationally invest in a promotional product and get high eCPM simply contact us. We guarantee a quick ROI with a good income.