For Publishers

CaramelAds helps the publisher to integrate our SDK for profit not only from the store with the official license but also from any number of old applications. You can spread duplicates all around the world multiplying your profitability.

Instant SDK integration.

The new SDK integrates seamlessly into any product. If difficulties arise, the team of our technical service will quickly cope with the task and conduct the necessary integration in a short period of time.

Protection codes.

Special SDK security codes guarantee fast monetization of any number of old applications. Applications, utilities, games produced by leading manufacturers for the Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Opera Mobile Store, Yandex.Store or other companies are beginning to make you a profit.

Secure use of duplicates.

Network platform equipped with a special control panel helps to instantly display, distribute any number of old applications around the world, bypassing any blockages.

High profitability.

CaramelAds guarantees the product developer an instant gain of good profitability when duplicating multiple times. The potential yield of any product can significantly increase over a short period of time.

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