For Advertisers

CaramelAds helps you quickly create advertising products of any complexity for different purposes. We will help in increasing ROIs from each of your projects by tracking, controlling, optimizing advertising.

  • • Personal development of the platform for each client.
  • • CaramelAds. The premium product will fully meet the needs of all customers.

Affiliate Coverage Programs.

Billion show-ups of a mobile ad product worldwide. More than 200 points in different countries are covered, which guarantees high profitability of the created advertisement.

Any formats of commercials.

Only proven ways to distribute promotional products. Maximum ROI in a short time is absolutely confirmed. Country, device, OS and other targeting criteria to maximize ad campaign performance. Accurate focusing on the most appropriate audience helps to quickly promote an advertising product with high eCPM.

Black and white lists for sorting potential customers.

The network platform is equipped with a specially designed panel that instantly filters the most profitable traffic sources to quickly meet the needs of advertisers.

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